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Protect your expensive clothing with high quality Personalized Clothing Labels. Our Personalized Iron-On Clothing Labels are made of tough woven-poly sealed material and printed with indelible ink to withstand countless cycles in the washer and dryer. They are permanent, easy to apply with any household iron and work great on any cotton fabric. Our Personalized Peel & Stick Labels are designed specifically for application to garment care tags (the tag with the washing instructions) and hold strong in the washer and dryer. Our Peel & Stick Clothing Labels are permanent but can be removed if necessary.

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Personalized Clothing Labels

Our Iron On Clothing Labels are the permanent solution to clothing ID. Designed for application to cotton fabric, these tough woven-poly heat sealed labels hold strong and will withstand years of washing and drying. Just customize your label information, and we'll print it on your labels with advanced indelible ink that will last for years. Easy to apply with any household iron or you can sew them in too.

Peel and Stick Clothing Labels are the convenient no-ironing solution to clothing ID. Simply peel and stick them to the care tag of your garment (the care tag is the satin tag that is on your clothing with the washing instructions). They hold up great in the washer and dryer, but you can remove them later if desired.

Peel and Stick Shoe Labels. No need to purchase separate labels, you can use our peel and stick clothing labels or our waterproof labels on the inside sole of your shoes.